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Getting consumer insights as a result of research by business anthropology
Business anthropology as a tool to research, know and predict behavior of consumers and buyers
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Business anthropology explores, reveals, analyses and enables a global and specific understanding of the consumer, whereat it incorporates subconscious patterns and motives of consumer behavior.

The competitive advantage of anthropological research in comparison with "classical" is in  research methodologies and their results. Research by business anthropology is based on a specific advanced methodology which enables a holistic approach and understanding consumers. Research is conducted in an authentic environment, exactly there, where the consumer uses the product or service in reality.

The methods of research by business anthropology include:

* participant observation - field research (ethnography)

* in-depth interviews

* semiotic analysis

* advanced products testing

* online anthropology research (netnography)

* video/photo anthropology and

* hybrid quant/qual methods.