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Getting consumer insights as a result of research by business anthropology
Business anthropology as a tool to research, know and predict behavior of consumers and buyers
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What is business anthropology?

Business anthropology explores the individual as such and in the context of society and culture, and applies it   to business. Business anthropology research is used in marketing and consumer behavior, organizational culture, international business, etc.

Research by business anthropology is an advanced and deeply engaged research that enables the client to get an insight. It has great usability value that leads to better knowing and understanding of consumers, the market and the placement of products and services, which enables the  improvement of business results.


Why research by business anthropology?

Because it goes beyond »classical« research; it is innovative, deeply engaged and strategic.

Research by business anthropology enables the client to cross the gap between clients' supply and actual consumers' demands, to gain competitive advantage, identify market niches, to attain even hard to reach target groups, etc.

How and why research by business anthropology is different  from the traditional qualitative research?

Because by using different research methods even the unspoken, subconscious, hardly recognizable, common, as well as specific consumer experience is revealed, which enables the client to get better business results.

What are the advantages of research by business anthropology?

Research takes place in the real environment of consumers  by using advanced insight research methods, and  assuring  objective and applicable results with strategic significance and applicability.

When – in what cases to use research by business anthropology?

When you need and want more; to see the »bigger picture«, to understand the consumer and to see your product/service through consumer's eyes, and to implement it into praxis to achieve business goals.

Who uses/orders research by business anthropology?

Both, big and small companies, with wide range of products and services, and also more specialized companies from different industries: food, pharmaceutical, tourism, automotive, banking and finance, logistics, IT etc. Among others:

- big companies with fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) (Johnson&Johnson, Colgate-Palmolive, P&G etc.)

- food and beverage companies (General Mills, Coca-cola, McDonald's etc.)

- specialized companies, technological, media, pharmaceutical, IT, automotive etc. .  (Canon, Disney, Pfizer, Kodak, Whirlpool, Microsoft, HP, Xerox, Chrysler, IKEA etc.).

In Slovenia more and more clients from various fields and industries, among them FMCG companies, service industries, tourism, media, advertising, energetics, IT, food industry, real-estate, automotive etc., already trust the Institute for business anthropology and research by business anthropology.

What to expect/gain from research by business anthropology?

A holistic and insightful research with solid results implemented into business that enables the client to achieve his objectives; among others positioning and development of brands, his company in the market, entering international market,  developing communication strategies and advertising, increasing sales, gaining new consumers, etc.


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