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Getting consumer insights as a result of research by business anthropology
Business anthropology as a tool to research, know and predict behavior of consumers and buyers
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About the institute

Institute for Business Anthropology


At the Institute for Business Anthropology we are the PIONEERS of research with business anthropology in Slovenia. We have conducted the first research with the methods of business anthropology in 2002 with the implementation of its results in business of our client - a Slovene company

With the wide knowledge, skills and education from anthropology, economy and sociology we are PROFESSIONAL EXPERTS for anthropological research services and the support to implementation into business practices of our clients.

We are SPECIALISTS in business anthropology in Slovenia with sharing the knowledge at international conferences, events and lectures in Slovenia and worldwide. And also through authorship of articles on business anthropology in Slovenian media and wider.

As pioneers and professionals we are the REFFERENCE for conducting and using of anthropological methods for research and implementation in business practices in Slovenia and worldwide. Which is shown also in  cooperation with colleagues professionals worldwide and trust of our clients and business public in our work.


Establisher and scientific director of Institute for business Anthropology JaSNO:

Jasna Vukovič, MA Anthropology


Personal bibliography:





- MA, Anthropology

Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana,  1999-2003.

- Bsc., Sociology

Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana,  1995-1999.

- BA., Economics

Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Maribor,  1992-1995.




- Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI)

- Slovenian Marketing Association

- The Managers' Association of Slovenia

- American Anthropological Association - AAA

- National Association for the Practice of Anthropology - NAPA

- Slovenian Anthropological Society

- Slovenian Marketing Association


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